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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

An Event is the term the system uses to describe a program or class that you can register for. This can include Movies, Presentations, Outings, Fitness programs or any other activity that requires registration, whether there is a fee, or not.

User Account:  A person who creates a user name and password has a user account with the Good Neighbours system and can access their information online. A user account is required to view and make changes to your personal information and to print official tax donation receipts online.  To create a user account, please click here.

A Contact: Any person who has had some type of activity with GNALC – registrations, donations, instructors, organizations, etc.  The contact record contains name, address, email address and phone number. While all users are contacts, not all contacts have user accounts.   

A Member: is a contact who has paid a membership fee.  Being an active member gives you a reduced fee on most programming/events, entitles you to receive the Good Neighbours Newsletter every two months, gives you access to member-only programming/events, and allows you to vote at our annual general meetings.  All members are contacts, but members only have user accounts if they have a login and password.  To become a member click here.

Online registrations can only be paid with a credit card.  Unfortunately debit is not available at this time.  In-person registrations at the club still accept credit card, cash, cheque or debit. 

Unfortunately, Gift Cards cannot be used when you are paying by credit card online at this time.  We will gladly honour your gift cards at the Centre for in-person registration.  You can also use your gift cards at Hobnobs and the bookstore. 

Once you log in to the Good Neighbours website, click on Manage Your Profile at the top right of the main window.  A screen appears showing all of your personal information.  In this screen you can change your Password, your address, phone number, etc. Make sure to Update Profile after to save your edits.

If you are logged in you will have access to Manage Your Profile at the top.  When you log out, the only option will be to log in.

If you have referred someone or have been referred, there is a section in the membership process where it asks, “NEW MEMBERS ONLY: How did you hear about GNALC.” Have the person you are referring fill in your name in that section and we will make sure to given you credit for the referral

We have tried to make the printing fairly large and easy to read, but if you still need it to be bigger, you will have to do that through your browser settings.  Just note that this may require you to scroll around to see the whole page.

Unfortunately the system can only handle one type of payment at a time (donations, memberships, or event registrations).  However, you can register for more than one event/class at a time.  There is a cart that you can drop your event/class choices into and then pay for those all at once.

It is probably best to start with the FAQ questions and the Tutorials.  If you still require assistance, you may email us at  Someone should get back to you as soon as possible.

Membership Questions

To enjoy the perks of membership, click on the Membership menu item.  Click on Become a Member.  If you already have an account, log in.  If you don’t, scroll down to the Don’t have an account section and fill in the required information. 

If you want a Membership card, you can ask for one at the Front Desk at Good Neighbours and we will gladly provide you with one.

Login to the system and go to Manage Your Profile. Click on the Membership tab and it will show you when your membership expires.  If you would like to renew your membership, click renew and follow the steps.  If your membership has already expired, the system will automatically take you through the renewal process when you log in.

If your membership expires on September 30, 2023 and you renew on August 28, 2023, your expiration date will change to September 30, 2024.  You will not lose the benefit of the days between when you renew and your expiration date.

Yes.  Because you will have effectively lapsed, you will lose the benefit of membership between your expiration date, and the date of renewal.  This means you cannot register at membership pricing and may not get the newsletter during that lapsed period.  When you do renew the membership, your expiration date will change to a year from the date of renewal.  If your membership expires on September 30, 2023 and you renew on October 22, 2023, your new expiration date will be October 22, 2024.

The minute you complete your payment, the system will update your membership in real time, and you will be ready to continue on with registration.

Registration Questions

No, you can register when it is convenient for you, as long as it is after registration opens.  However, the earlier you register, the better your chances of getting into all the classes you want.

Online registration for classes closes on the start date of the class.  If you wish to register later than that, you will have to come to the front desk and register in person.  It is always recommended to register early so that you secure your spot in the classes you want and to assure that the class is not cancelled due to low registration.

Yes, you will have access to register for all programming at non-member pricing.  You will, however, not be able to register for programming that is exclusive to members.

You do not need a user account to register for programming though it is strongly recommended. You would simply click on an event/class and then register. The system will take your name and email and if that email is in our system, the system will recognize you.  The problem with not having a user account is that you will not have access to your history.  Also, if we do not have a phone number for you, it will be more difficult to contact you should there be a cancellation.  To create a user account click here.

The system will allow you to register for as many classes as you like.  At the bottom of the cart it has an option to add another event.  You can continue doing that until you have added all the classes you are interested in.

Yes, just start a new registration.  You can register for more events/classes at any time that is convenient for you as long as registration has not closed on that particular class.  Registration must be completed by the start of the class.

If a class is full the system will tell you and provide you with the option to go on a waitlist.

The system will advise you if a class is full and it will not allow you to register for it, but it will ask you if you want to be put on the Waitlist.  If your name is on the Waitlist and a spot becomes available, the Centre will call you.

If your name is on the waitlist and a spot becomes available, the Centre will call you to confirm that you still wish to be in the class and will make arrangements for payment.

If there are not enough registrations, the class will be cancelled.  This decision will be made approximately one week before the start date of the class.  This is why it is important to register early.

Good Neighbours will call you to advise you if any of your classes are cancelled.  At that point you can choose to switch to another class if there is something available that interests you.  If you do not wish to switch to another class, you will be issued a refund. The Centre will call you when your cheque is ready to be picked up.

If you are in the middle of a registration and you have not paid for the class yet, you may simply set the quantities in your cart to zero for the particular class or classes you changed your mind about and then update your cart.  If you decide you don’t want any classes, you can simply log off.

If you wish to withdraw from a class you will have to call the Centre at 204-669-1710 or visit the Centre and a receptionist will complete a Withdrawal Form to request a refund.  The refund amount will be dependent on the date of withdrawal and all withdrawals are subject to a $3 administrative fee.

If you wish to switch to a different class, you will have to call the Centre at 204-669-1710 or visit the Centre.  A receptionist will complete a Switching Class Form and, if necessary, request a refund or take additional payment.

Yes and No…Most classes only display the fee for a member.  If the person you are registering   for is a member, they should be registering under their own name.  Certain classes, like movies, will display fees for both Members and Non-members.  If you are registering a friend or spouse, who is not a member, you would pick the non-member price and it will add your name to the registration list, showing the non-member price.  In the comment box at the final page of online registration, please indicate the name and phone number of those you are registering for.

You can see what classes you registered for by logging in, going to Manage Your Profile and clicking on the tab marked Events.  The page will display the events/classes you registered for, the event start date, and the date you registered and paid.  For more detailed information about the event/class, you would have to check the Newsletter or Calendar.

All our fitness classes require a current Get Active Questionnaire to have been completed.  You can download the form and more information on our Programs page.  Once the form is completed you may bring it with you to the Centre.  If you are unable to print it, you may get a copy from your instructor or the front desk.

Get Active Questionnaires must be completed every year.  If you are unsure if you have completed the questionnaire within the last year, you may inquire at the front desk or email us at  You can download the form and more information on our Programs page.  Once the form is completed you may bring it with you to the Centre.  If you are unable to print it, you may get a copy from your instructor or the front desk. 

Currently Pickleball is not available for online registration through this system; however, we are working on this option and will advise in the newsletter when that changes.  In the meantime, please continue to register for Pickleball as you have been doing through SignUpGenius.  Note:  this program is not accepting new players at this time.

If a class that appears in the newsletter is not accessible for registration online, there are a few things you can try.  First, make sure that you are checking the appropriate category.  It may be in a different category.  Second, search for the class in the search box using one word. Instead of “Beginner Yoga Mondays Zoom”, try simply searching for “yoga” and then you will see all the yoga options available.  If you still cannot find the class, call our front desk at 204-669-1710 or email

If this happened to you, we apologize. We are currently working on solving this problem.  The workaround for this is to go back to programs and register for another event/class and when you get back to the payment page, simply change the unwanted class quantity to zero, click 'update cart' to remove it from your cart and then continue to payment.

Donation Questions

Your Official Receipt, for tax purposes, is found under the Donations tab in the Manage Your Profile.  All your past donations will be displayed and next to each is a pdf receipt that you can download for your taxes. Note that the confirmation email you received when making your donation, is not an official tax receipt. If you would like us to mail your donation receipt, you can request a printed receipt from Good Neighbours at

In the Donate section you will select Donate Directly to the Centre. There is an option there to make a donation In Memory or In Honour of someone. Fill in the information requested and follow the prompts. Your Official Receipt can be found under “Manage Your Profile,” Donations tab if you have a login account with Good Neighbours, if not then we will mail your official tax receipt.

No. The email confirmation is simply that, a confirmation of the donation. The official donation receipt for income tax purposes can only be accessed in the Donations section of the Manage Your Profile area when you log in. If you do not have a user account, you can get one by clicking here. Be sure to use your same email you used to make the donation. If you do not have a login and do not wish to have one, Good Neighbours will mail you your official tax receipt.

We are currently working on this option on our site. For now you can drop off post-dated cheques, if you wish to make reoccurring monthly donations.